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What Motivates People to Do Psychedelics?

Oct 12, 2020
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When the word “psychedelics” is brought up, some view it as a way to “trip” or “get high” to alter your state of mind. With growing techniques and new research, psychedelics are seen as a healing method. Whether it’s mental health or physical addiction, psychedelics have been proven to help common issues and diseases. So, the real question comes down to; Why do people do psychedelics?

The reasons as to why people do psychedelics are very broad. With technology progressing and larger studies on psychedelics happening people are gaining more insight to the effects that psychedelics leave on our brains. Many people are starting to realize that certain drugs actually have the ability to do more good than bad on our minds. Because of this, psychedelic therapy has become a large practice for people struggling with mental health disorders. The changing outlook on psychedelics has also changed people's reasons for taking them, which will be discussed below. 

Past Research on “Common” Psychedelics 

To see the motivation behind taking psychedelics, John Hopkins research in the past was done to focus on behavior and the brain among common drugs. Reasons for taking psychedelics include: a heightened sense of happiness and pleasure during sex. Some of these reasons explain why people use typical drugs and the motives behind them. There is a changing outlook on traditional psychedelics. Due to this outlook altering, we see the reasons for taking them change.

Psilocybin Treatment for Mental Health Issues 

Psilocybin (the chemical in magic mushrooms) has evolved into becoming a treatment for various mental health issues. Because of this, many people are beginning to view psychedelics as a positive variant. New research shows many reasons for taking psychedelics include motives that alter from past studies. These reasons are; psychological insight, increased awareness of beauty, awe/amazement, meaningfulness and mystical-type experiences (e.g., a highly valued sense of unity), positive social effects and visual effects.

This change in motives behind doing psychedelics show us that more people are realizing the benefits that they contain. Because psilocybin has been increasingly popular when it comes to treating mental health, soon more people will acknowledge its usefulness in our society. Psilocybin has the potential to replace addictive drugs with harmful chemicals that people would normally use to treat mental health issues. Psilocybin has a whole different side than what we have seen in the past and the benefits it can provide to mental health and brain function are amazing. Because the reasons for taking psychedelics are changing, more and more people are beginning to change their outlook on how they can be beneficial rather than harmful. 

How Psilocybin Works by Enhancing the Brain

Studies show promising results on psychedelics as they have helped improve mental health. The effect of psilocybin has shown effects of enhancing the brain. This allows people to overcome challenges in their minds while on the drug. Not all uses of psychedelics are for a positive outcome. But, when these drugs are proven to be harmful it is due to abuse or mistreatment of the drug. Psychedelic drugs, specifically mushrooms have proven to improve mood changes and attitudes. The outcome of a positive mood change shows that psilocybin can have a large impact on the brain. This impact can lead to a permanent positive change in people's lives. Psychedelic therapy is often used to treat anxiety, depression, and addiction. It is allowing for more growth within the mind, and altering one's outlook on certain topics in their life.

Will Preconceived Notions of Psychedelics Prevent Positive Change?

Many preconceived ideas are already out there about psychedelics. Some do not see psychedelics as something to treat addiction and mental health. Psychedelics are often viewed as a party drug. Many people see it as something that others aim to “trip out” on or do it to get “high”. This can be damaging to the reputation of psychedelics because ideas revolve around what has been portrayed in the media.

Why Psychedelics Can Benefit Our Society 

People do psychedelics for many reasons. The ideals behind these drugs have changed due to the discoveries of benefits they can have on the mind. There is still much research to complete on psychedelics. Reason for taking them alters from person to person. Recent studies show that these psychedelic drugs may actually be able to do a lot more good than bad if treated right. These drugs can help diseases and mental health disorders. Psychedelics could impact our society in a very positive way.

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