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Research Shows Psychedelics Help Increase Empathy and Reduce Narcissism

Nov 16, 2020
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With emerging studies and new research surfacing in the past few years, scientists have concluded that psychedelics pose the ability to decrease narcissism and heighten a sense of empathy. Connectedness is a common reaction to psychedelics meaning that some reactions within certain drugs allow you to empathize and further connect with those around you. As time goes on, new ways are being found to deal with things such as crippling mental illness and exploitative-entitled narcissism. The chemical reaction that happens in the brain when on psychedelics opens one's mind up to being more open and therefore understanding others issues. With innovative research leading findings in the psychedelic industry, the mental and therapeutic benefits that are coming from extensive trials are proving to have a lasting impact on our society.

Psychedelic Research

Psychedelic research within controlled and uncontrolled studies has evolved into being able to show us how it can be beneficial to contributing to factors of our environment. Depression has been one of the leading mental disorders that has been a research hub for scientists due to the progression they have seen with mental illness.  Because antidepressants can take weeks to months to start working studies have shown that psilocybin was particularly notable for the speed of its effects. Not only does psilocybin get praised for the speed of its effects when treating depression, but it also eliminates multiple unpleasant side effects from high dosage antidepressants.

Psychedelic Use and Empathy

Empathy varies from person to person, it is one's ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Lack of empathy has been shown to possibly link to exploitative-entitled narcissism. Those who lack empathy when doing psychedelics however, felt a stronger sense of connectedness which resulted in a higher motivation to engage in emotional empathy. By being able to acknowledge and understand feelings of awe while on psychedelics, researchers were able to acknowledge the new sense of empathy coming through while on the drugs. This also results in those who are lacking empathy to have a decreased sense of exploitative-entitles narcissism. Specifically, Psilocybin has further proved to have distinct effects on social cognition. Emotional empathy has been proved to be a pattern within psychedelics and more specifically psilocybin. This news could be a key principle factor when dealing with individuals who have low empathy rates.

How Psychedelics Increase Openness

Psychedelics stimulate the brain in a way where you are able to access different areas of your mind to allow growth in periods that can not happen soberly. The feeling of connectedness that people describe when on psychedelics allow heart to heart connections that change the way you judge others. The shift in mental capacity in which people become more willing to experience new things allows them to explore the different ranges of serotonin in the brain.

How Psychedelics Increase Empathy

Pathological narcissism is a condition in which can be looked at when deciding whether psychedelics treat lack of empathy. Now, how do psychedelics increase empathy? A study conducted by the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology found that psilocybin appears to promote emotional empathy presumably via activation of serotonin. Because lack of empathy directly relates to social dysfunction, psilocybin has been able to show that lack of empathy can be worked with in order for people to adjust socially and begin to understand others' emotions. Psychedelics increase empathy through the serotonin chemical release along with the increased feeling of connectedness and inclination to explore new things.

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a widely used phrase that can describe when one is getting help for treating mental problems. Psychedelic-Assisted psychotherapy is often used for military personal and first responders with PTSD who do not respond to simple or currently available treatments. Programs such as these in which people take psychedelics supervised in a controlled setting, allow for brain growth that would not normally happen due to restrictive properties in the brain while sober. A lot of these sessions have proven to be successful due to the fact that patients are able to work through psychedelic thoughts openly without fear of judgement both during and after psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions. With supervision, this is an approach that has great success in trials and experiments. Psychedelic-assisted therapy uses a mixture of mental and physical aspects to help patients work through past trauma.

Survey Shows Psychedelics May Help Reduce Narcissism

Narcissism is a condition in which one believes they have a higher sense of self importance than others around them. It is often a condition that blocks your ability to feel for others and to understand other people's pain. The chemical released in psychedelics attacks your serotonin and boosts your chemical balance. This further allows people to explore their minds and be more alert to what is going on around them. The factor of being more open to connectedness while on psychedelics allows you to explore the range of other people’s stories and emotions in a non judgemental way. The willingness your brain allows while under the influence of psychedelics has been proven to increase empathy which further helps reduce exploitative-entitled narcissism.  

The Therapeutic Power of Psychedelic Medicine

The new era of medicine is continuing to grow and psychedelic medicine holds a lot of power for the future in safe treatments for mental health disorders. Psychedelic medicine continues to bring forth mental health benefits in ways that eliminate side effects of strong pharmaceuticals and even work faster. Having the ability to bring people together and decreasing exploitative-entitled narcissism throughout society is a powerful tool that is promising to our future as a whole. Groundbreaking research from psilocybin and psychedelic studies prove to us further that these are alternative ways to help life threatening mental disorders. Positive reinforcement within empathy when on psychedelics has allowed people to find that these drugs actually help with smaller social issues. Building a future within psychedelic research and treatment is leading in ways to improve both mental health and connections with others.

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